Saturday, April 4, 2009

Clear Toy Candy & Equipment Exibit

I have been colleting clear toy candy molds for many years now. I jumped at the opportunity to exhibit part of my collection at The Pennypacker Mills historic site in Schwenksville, PA. The exhibit opened April 1, 2009 and will run for 6 months.

Here are a few images from exhibit.

In this case are the molds for the bust of President McKinley (top left back), bust of President Taft (middle), Peacock (front), Single violin (middle right), Pocket watch (back right).

This case has the largest mold made by the Thomas Mills & Brothers company. It is the train mold in the front right and it weights 29 pounds. This mold came from Knickerbocker's Ice cream and Candy Co in Paterson, NJ. You can see the finished train in green candy in the top of the case.

Here are some other examples of molds and made clear toy candy. Many of these mold were made by the Thomas Mills & Brothers company in Philadelphia PA.

This is a starch board used to make gummy candies, like gumdrops and orange slices. You can see the metal and wood molds that were used to make the forms in the corn starch.

There are examples of the candy machines. The one on the left was used to make Humbugs and the one on the right was for cutting taffy. These machines were made by the Thomas Mills & Brothers company.


  1. Oh man, I'd love to track down a Humbug Machine for my candy store. I've been wanting to make candy on a machine like that for some time.

    1. Gregory, if you could send me any info on how you found your humbug machine I'd really appreciate it

  2. Wow, it is a year later, and I have a humbug machine I am using in my store. Weird I found this a year later almost to the minute.

  3. You're lucky, I've also been looking for a humbug machine and candy pulling hook for our small candy store but cannot find either anywhere. If anyone has one please email

  4. We have a Thos. Mills & Bro candy machine if someone is interested.

  5. FYI Being I was not doing a good job at keeping up with this blog I now have a facebook page.